Public Eye: 175 Years of Sharing Photography at the NYPL

If you're in NYC go see this amazing exhibition. Two of my works from the "Why Am I A Marine?" series are in the show.

Public Eye, the first-ever retrospective survey of photography organized by NYPL, takes advantage of this moment to reframe the way we look at photographs from the past. What are some of the platforms and networks through which photographs have been shared? In what ways have we, as photography’s public and one of its subjects, been engaged over time? To what ends has the street served as a venue for photographic practice since its beginnings? And, of more recent concern, are we risking our privacy in pursuit of a more public photography? Ranging from photography’s official announcement in 1839 to manifestations of its current pervasiveness, this landmark exhibition, drawn entirely from the Library’s collections, explores the various ways in which photography has been shared and made public. Photography has always been social.

Creating Photo Artist's Books in the 21st Century - Workshop

As part of Photobook Melbourne Fair 2015 the CCP are hosting a new workshop with Stephen Dupont and Marshall Weber. Over two weekends February 14,15, 21, 22, - 2015, you'll be inspired and learn how to create innovative photo artist's books. For more details please go to Centre for Contemporary Photography.


For you Sydney folks, you'll also have a chance to do a 2 day workshop, February 28 - March 1st, 2015 at the Australian Centre for Photography.


Copyright: Marshall Weber

New Stephen Dupont Exhibition at Black Eye Gallery, Sydney

The new show "The White Sheet Series Vol. 1" is opening at Black Eye Gallery in Sydney from July 15, please feel free to come along and see his latest work from India. Polaroid portraits of Hindu pilgrims hand printed by Chris Reid at Blanco Negro and then hand stamped by the artist using traditional Indian wood fabric blocks. Below the artist with one of the mural prints on show.

Piksa Niugini Exhibition in Havana, Cuba

My Piksa Niugini exhibition opened up on May 21 in Havana's Museo Castillo de la Real Fuerza. It runs until early July and is an outdoor show with large scale prints of my Papua New Guinea work that hang along the castle's perimeter fence. I want to thank my main printing sponsor Poster Candy for making the amazing and beautiful prints. And thanks to my other supporters: Harvard's Peabodfy Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology, Radius Books, Canon Australia, 10x8 Gallery, Shayne Pearce, Cuban Embassy in Australia, the office of the Historiador de la Ciudad de La Habana and all my Cuban friends who helped with the show.

Piksa Niugini review in The Eye of Photography

Take a look at Sara Rosen's amazing review of my latest book Piksa Niugini: Portraits & Diaries in The Eye of Photography.

"Indeed, epic is the perfect word to describe the world Dupont depicts, a world that dissolves at our fingertips. With each turn of the page we venture further inside a place that is unknown from the outside. These two volumes read as a visual poem of great depth and breadth, a poem of an ancient tradition that is spoken in languages entirely too original as to be understood upon a cursory glance. Each of Dupont’s photographs requires inner stillness and silence of the mind to absorb the brilliance of a nation that has maintained a distinct identity over millennia." - Sara Rosen.

Stephen Dupont 'A Haiyan Portfolio' in The New Yorker - January 2014

As the media storm fades around Tacloban and the devasting damage caused by Typhoon Haiyan locally known as Yolanda throughout The Philippines, The New Yorker has published a brief portfolio of the work of Stephen Dupont from his time spent on ground zero in November 2013.
'Walking across the debris of broken wood, destroyed homes, and shops was like balancing on a tightrope. I wanted to capture not just the environmental damge and devastation but also the human tragedy,' he wrote.
'People sifting through the rubble for belongings or scrap wood to begin rebuilding a new home... The pressure this has on the human psyche must be immense. I saw one man standing in a small white building, the only structure left standing amongst the total collapse of everything else around. Why this one home?'
The damage caused by Haiyan will take years of recovery and many areas unhighlighted in the media have been badly affected. With changes in the world's climate and greater storms an increasingly reality solutions to avoid the displacement and loss of human lives need to be found.  
Anna Maria Antoinette D'Addario

The New Yorker article can be read here.
   Photo by Stephen Dupont

TIME: Discovering the Next Generation of Photojournalists at World Press Photo's Masterclass

Stephen Dupont in TIME Lightbox contributing in regards to his experience as a selected photographer in the Joop Swart Masterclass organised by World Press Photo.

From the TIME LightBox article that can be read here.

'To mark the 20th edition of the Joop Swart Masterclass, taking place this week, LightBox asked a representative photographer from each year of the program to contribute two images — one from their masterclass project and another from their wider body of work — along with a few words on what the masterclass meant to their life and career.

1994: Stephen Dupont

"My selection in the first Joop Swart Masterclass came with excitement and total pride in having been honored with a place in such a renowned international workshop. I remember it being one of my first big breaks ever as a photographer. The inspiration and knowledge gained from both masters and students was unrivaled. It's still a highlight in my life and I have great memories of the experience. Some of the students and masters of that class have become close friends as well. Very special indeed!" 

A scene from Everliegh Street in Sydney's southern suburb of Redfern. Redfern is a suburb rich in Aboriginal urban culture where many lived then and still do today. This scene however no longer exists as the street's houses have all been demolished and Everliegh Street looks completely different. 1994. 

(WPP Joop Swart Masterclass, Generation X, 1994).

Rennie Ellis 'Decade' Book Launch at the ACP- September 7, 2013, 2 to 5pm

'Decade (1970-1980)' the newly published book a collection of Australian photographer Rennie Ellis' work will launch in Sydney at the Australian Centre for Photography this Saturday September 7 from 2 to 5pm.

The launch will be opened by media personality Deborah Thomas with guest speakers Paul Cox and photographer Stephen Dupont.
Stephen together with the Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive was highly involved in the editing of the book.


Stephen Dupont's Raskols in Store at Kinokuniya Book Store

If you haven't had a chance to check out the recently published PowerHouse Books edition of Stephen Dupont's Raskols book you can now pick up a copy at Kinokuniya Book stores. 

Currently in stock at the beautiful Kinokuniya store in Sydney at The Galleries. 

You might even bump into Steve browsing the aisles ready to select the latest addition to the Dupont photo book library...

The Kinokuniya Arts and Photography section has some amazing publications, well worthy of a regular browse!