A Restless Peace

Australian photographer Stephen Dupont has a fascination with disappearing worlds and, more particularly, with death. With camera in hand, he finds veins to mine in war, in Mexico’s celebration of the Day of the Dead and in professionals who deal with the deceased. In witnessing his mother’s death, he asks himself, “How far can I take it?”

Director: Krystle Wright
Editor & Motion Design: Toby & Pete
Cinematography: Felt Soul Media (Ben Knight & Travis Rummel)
Music Score: Charlie Burns
Fixer: Maria Verza
Supported by Canon Australia

Stephen Dupont's Polaroids


A short film by Stephane Vendran for Expolaroid Montelimar Festival, France, 2017. 

A kind of Polaroid retrospective from Dupont's archive including works from Papua New Guinea, India and Afghanistan with soundtrack by PJ Harvey. 


Paris '97


Paris '97 from Stephen Dupont on Vimeo.

From the Archive - Paris '97 Stephen Dupont"

Grappling with Stephen's extensive archive over this year and a bit, gave us the idea to dig into the vault and highlight some of the work that he has done in the past years; work that is not currently featured on his site and that has been hidden away for some time.

The first collection of photos we've extracted and selected are from the Parisian runways in '97.
Steve at the time was commissioned by 'Le Monde' newspaper in Paris to document the collections everyday for the paper; given by them unlimited access to cover the shows in his own style of Reportage.
What surfaced from this shows elements of a Lisette Model or Dorothy Arbus world... freaks... Model androids, fashionistas at their best... the weird eccentricities and superficialities of the fashion world come to show in Dupont's shots.

Steve mentioned it was one of the most stressful assignments he'd ever done at the time...
"The experience was quite unpleasant at times, facing the daily grind dealing with arseholes basically, so much pretension and egos flying around. At the same time I was challenged and loved the moments constantly gracing my viewfinder... It was a total freak show actually... I was possessed as well by the unbelievable sexuality and beauty everywhere, the supermodels who are like beautiful and flawless androids. The weeks I spent shooting were crazy, working days and nights and parties, lots and lots of parties..."

Paris '97 by Stephen Dupont

Multimedia slide by Anna Maria Antoinette D'Addario


Dogs of Bucharest


Dogs of Bucharest from Stephen Dupont on Vimeo.

In 2001 I traveled to Bucharest, Romania to document the stray dogs, around 300,000 that inhabited the city. Of pressing concern was the decision by the recently appointed mayor at the time, Traian Basescu, to allocate 17.5 million dollars for the round up and extermination of the animals.
Furious animal rights groups, spearheaded by former French actress Brigitte Bardot, in turn, declared war on the mayor. Bardot flew to Bucharest, where the two in a public rapprochement signed an agreement to temporarily hold off on the killing....

In the meantime teams of city dogcatchers began roving the city with mobile sterilization vans, and removing the dogs to the city’s four major detention centres. Members of ‘Vier Pfton’, an animal rights group based out of Vienna, worked against the clock to find owners for the strays. A chemical compound to be used for lethal injections had already arrived in the country.

In 2012 Bucharest still has its stray dog population but numbers have dramatically reduced...

Multimedia slide created by

Anna Maria Antoinette D'Addario 2012


"Lume, Lume, Soro Lume" - Nabila

"Doina" - Slava Kazykin Ensemble

"Superata Sint Pe Lume" - Gabi Lunca


Afghanistan: The Perils of Freedom 1993 - 2009

Afghanistan: The Perils of Freedom 1993 - 2009 from Stephen Dupont on Vimeo.

A film by Stephen Dupont. This is an installation of my exhibition Afghanistan: The Perils of Freedom 1993 - 2009 which was held at the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney, Australia in October 2010. The exhibition is currently touring around Australia and it is available for bookings here and internationally.