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Generation AK: The Afghanistan Wars 1993 - 2012

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Stephen Dupont: Piksa Niugini Portraits and Diaries







Raskols - The Gangs of Papua New Guinea




















Photographic Memory: The Album in the Age of Photography









Afghanistan, or The Perils of Freedom

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Steam-India's Last Steam Trains

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Fight & Lutte

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War / Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and its Aftermath





AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL - Treasures from a Century of Collecting





CONTACT - Photographs from the Australian War Memorial Collection

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Text and book design by Stephen Dupont. Forward by Jacques Menasche.

Publisher and printer: Gerhard Steidl.

First edition 2015, 328 pages, 10.8 x 14.4 in. / 27.5 x 36.5 cm. 260 coplour and black-and-white photographs. Tritone and four-color process, hardcover.

ISBN 978-3-86930-727-5

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About the book 

Generation AK, The Afghanistan Wars 1993 - 2012 is a retrospective selection of images of the country where Stephen Dupont has covered everything from civil war and the rise of the Taliban in the 1990s, to the launch of "Operation Enduring Freedom" and the ongoing war on terrorism. Dupont completed much of his work on self-funded trips and as part of one of the last small independent photographic agencies, Contact Press Images, of which he has been a member since 1997. In 2008 Dupont survived a suicide bombing while travelling with an Afghan opium eradication team near Jalalabad.


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Forward by Robert Gardner. Essay by Bob Connolly.

Publisher: The Peabody Press and Radius Books

First Edition © 2013, 2 Volumes, hardbound in slipcase. 8.5 x 11 inches. Volume 1: 144 pages, 80 duotone, 6 color images. Volume 2: 144 pages, 120 color images.

ISBN 978-1-934435-62-5

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About the book

This project records noted Australian photographer Stephen Dupont’s journey through some of Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) most important cultural and historical zones: the Highlands, Sepik, Bougainville and the capital city Port Moresby. Through images and personal diaries, this remarkable body of work captures the human spirit of the people of PNG, one of the world’s last truly wild and unique frontiers. This work was conducted with the support of the Robert Gardner Fellowship of Photography from Harvard’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology.The publication consists of two books inside a special slipcaseThe first volume is a collection of portraits reproduced in luscious duotone and 4 color; the second is an eclectic collection of the diaries, drawings, contact sheets and documentary photographs that Dupont created as he produced the project, which add to a broader understanding of the images in volume one.


The Eye of Photography

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New Books on Photography Podcast, Piksa Niugini by Lorena Turner













Publisher: powerHouse, New York

First Edition © 2012, 96 pages

ISBN 978-1-57687-601-5

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About the book

Papua New Guinea: A land of striking beauty, mountain ranges, lush rainforests, and some of the most spectacular coastlines on earth. A land with over eight hundred unique tribes and languages. A land where crime has gotten so out of control, personal security services are the country's largest growth industry.

Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Moresby, is regularly ranked among the world's five worst cities to live in by The Economist magazine. In 2004, when the photographs in Raskols were taken, the same survey ranked Port Moresby the worst city in the world. This fenced-up, razor-wired, lawless metropolis is infamous for its criminal gangs known as raskols (the indigenous Tok Pisin word for criminals). Throughout Port Moresby, dense urban settlements and a general lack of law and order have led to intertribal warfare and a seemingly endless stream of kidnappings, gang rape, carjackings, and vicious murders. That's all in addition to soaring HIV rates and massive unemployment.

However, photographer Stephen Dupont is of a rare breed. He infiltrated a raskol community and documented the rough and ruthless individuals involved in Papua New Guinea's gang life. Raskols presents formal portraits of the Kips Kaboni (Scar Devils), Papua New Guinea's longest established criminal gang. Dupont set up a makeshift studio inside the Kips Kaboni safe house where he photographed his subjects and their unique handmade weapons and firearms. These mostly young, unemployed adults and teenagers orchestrate raids, carjackings, and robberies as a means of survival. The gangs control the streets. Despite the crime and violence they have unleashed on their city, some view them as modern-day Robin Hoods. With a corrupt government and police force, every day in Port Moresby is survival of the fittest. Many of these raskols initially turned to crime, violence, and anarchy in a bid to protect and provide for themselves and their communities.



Roads & Kingdoms






Publisher: Aperture & the Library of Congress

Editor: Verna Posever Curtis

First Edition © 2011, 256 pages, 9.5 x 11.5 in. 

ISBN 978-1-59711-131-7

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About the book

As photography became an increasingly accessible medium in the twentieth century, the popularity of the photographic album exploded, yielding a wonderful range of objects made for varying purposes - to memorialize, document (officially or unofficially), promote, or educate, and sometimes simply to channel creative energy. Photographic Memory traces the rise of the album from the turn of the century to the present day, showcasing some of the most important albums in the history of the medium, as collected by the Library of Congress.

From an Alaskan expedition album containing Edward Sheriff Curtis's early work, to Walker Evan's extended suite of images in study for Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, to a family album by Danny Lyon, the book provides an in-depth look at the history of photography through the handmade objects of some of its most famous practitioners, much previously unpublished. Photographic Memory includes albums by photographers and filmmakers such as Dorothea Lange, F. Holland Day, W.Eugene Smith, Leni Riefenstahl, Jim Goldberg, Duane Michals and Stephen Dupont. 





Publisher: The New York Public Library

Editor: Stephen C. Pinson

First Edition © 2008, 48 pages

ISBN 9 780871 044631

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About the book

In Afghanistan, award-winning Australian photographer Stephen Dupont has covered everything from civil war and the rise of the Taliban in the 1990’s to the launch of Operation Enduring Freedom and the ongoing war on terrorism. This book, which accompanies Dupont’s first solo exhibition in the United States, features selections from his portfolio Afghanistan, 1993-2008, as well as photographs from the series Axe Me Biggie, whose title is phonetic rendering of the Dari for “Mister, Take My Picture!” Dupont made these portraits during the course of one day (March 13, 2006) with a Polaroid land camera in a makeshift studio along the streets of Kabul. Together, these photographs tell a story of poverty, warfare, and broken promises, but also of perseverance and hope, as they refocus attention on the state of Afghanistan today.






Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing, United Kingdom

First Edition © 1999, 96 pages

ISBN 1-899235-27-2

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About the book

STEAM is an extraordinary photographic record of the last steam trains in India.  Dupont captures not only India’s fascination for the steam engine but also the sense of past which will never be revisited. From the railway lines to the workshops these photographs portray an industry on the edge of extinction, the pivotal role of the railways in Indian life and the drama of the Indian landscape. The project was shot over one year between 1994 and 1995 and traverses the entire Indian continent.








Publisher: Edition Braus, Germany & Marval, France

First Edition © 2003, 248 pages

ISBN 9782862 343341

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About the book

FIGHT is a visual anthology of traditional wrestling around the world, Dupont spent a decade photographing wrestling in eight countries. Wrestling is the world’s oldest known sport and the most globally far-reaching. It is combat in its most primal form, pitting one man against another, in a contest of physical and mental domination. The project began in India and continued around the globe to Turkey, Gambia, Switzerland, USA, Mexico, Japan and Mongolia.








Publisher: T&G Publishing, Australia

First Edition © 2009, 132 pages

ISBN 978-0-9775790-5-1

Price: AUD$90.00

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About the book

WAR is a photographic collection of some of Australia’s most creative and award winning documentary photographers who have covered conflicts from Vietnam to present-day Afghanistan. They make up the Collective ° SOUTH. These photographers live a unique lifestyle and often work at great risk to themselves to tell the story. The objective of the photographers is to record evidence in a fair, truthful and informative way. They follow in the great Australian photographic tradition of pioneers: Frank Hurley, Hubert Wilkins, George Silk, Max Dupain and Damien Parer. 






Publisher: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and Yale University Press

First Edition © 2012, 606 pages

ISBN 9 780300 177381

About the book

War/Photography surveys both iconic and newly discovered photographs of war and conflict, from daguerreotypes documenting the Crimean and American Civil Wars to digital images made by soldiers in 21st-century Iraq. Accompanying a landmark exhibition opening at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, it is generously illustrated with over 525 powerful images and includes texts by some of today's most important scholars of war photography. This ambitious book offers a comprehensive investigation of the relationship between photography and armed conflict.

The featured works represent a range of perspectives—from journalists to soldiers to ordinary citizens—and span six continents, yet together they communicate the consummate experience of war: its brutality, humanity, and even humor. The book's essays investigate the immediate impact, dissemination, and historical influence of war photography.






Author: Nola Anderson

Publisher: Australian War Memorial and Murdoch Books

First Edition © Australian War Memorial 2012, 612 pages

ISBN 978-1742660127

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About the book

The Australian War Memorial in Canberra is one of Australia’s most iconic institutions. Originally conceived during the turbulent years of the First World War, it was opened in 1941 and has grown to become one of the most important symbols of national identity.

The Collection Book tells the story of the Memorial and the National Collection – one of the most significant collections of military history in the world. From the battlefields of Europe to peacekeeping operations and the current conflicts in the Middle East, the artefacts of almost a century of collecting are brought to life through the rich personal stories behind them.

With specially commissioned photography, The Collection Book is a commemoration to all those who have served Australia and a tribute to the enduring qualities that forged its identity.





Author: Shaune Lakin

Publisher: Australian War Memorial

© Australian War Memorial 2006, second edition 2008, 284 pages

ISBN 9780975 190463

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About the book

Contact presents a history of Australian war photography and of the Australian War Memorial’s collection of photographs. It delineates the photograph’s very particular function in providing an account of Australian military history and the sacrifice of Australians at war. Supporting this account is a selection of some 200 images that reflect the historical scope of the Memorial’s collection.