From the Archive - 'Dogs of Bucharest' by Stephen Dupont

We'd like to present another work from Stephen's archive...

Digging into the vault the collection of photographs we are highlighting are from the 'Dogs of Bucharest ' series, work that Stephen shot in Romania in 2001.

The project focuses on the stray dog situation in the city of Bucharest and the decision made by the mayor of Bucharest calling for the extermination of the city's hounds.

Furious animal rights groups, spearheaded by former French actress Brigitte Bardot in turn, declared war on the mayor. Bardot flew to Bucharest, where the two in a public rapprochement signed an agreement to temporarily hold off on the killing....




Multimedia slide by 
Anna Maria Antoinette D'Addario 2012
Lume, Lume, Soro Lume - Nabila
Doina - Slava Kazykin Ensemble
Superata Sint Pe Lume- Gabi Lunca