Highlights from the 2012 Habana, Cuba Workshop with Stephen Dupon

Long due are some highlights from the 2012 workshop in Havana, Cuba.

The last few months have been busy, working steadily on the 2013 Reportage Festival; however the time that has passed after the return from Cuba has given me time to digest and reflect on the work of the students from the Havana workshop.  I’d have to say that this particular workshop was one of my favourites and I think one of the best we have had to date. All the students involved really pushed their own limits to get the work that they hoped for from this dynamic and complex city.

The result… some amazing stories were produced and I am happy to highlight some of my favourite images from the students here.

The workshop was held at the Fototeca in Cuba, a government run photographic cultural space that is a great support system for Cuban photographers. We’d like to extend our thanks to Nelson Ramirez de Arellano and all his staff who were extremely hospitable and open in helping us conduct the course.

We’d also like to extend a big thank you and a warm welcome to Raul Canibano Ercilla and his partner Listette, Leysis Quesada Vera and Arien Chang Castan. Arien and Leysis are two of Cuba’s most promising young documentary photographers whilst Raul Canibano Ercilla is considered one of Cuba’s master photographers. All three of them helped the workshop run its course and provided a source of inspiration for all. They will also be exhibiting at the upcoming Reportage Festival in 2013 and will be attending the event holding talks and seminars.

Not to forget Ramon Leysis' brother who played host and caterted to our masterclass wrap up projections...

A big thank you to the continued support of FujiFIlm Australia and a warm thank you to friend Manuela Furci who accompanied the course with her laughter and audacious character making it an unforgettable event…

Thanks to my workshop partner and friend Jack Picone who was unable to make this course due to work commitments and missed such a great time... and thanks to my wonderful assistant Anna D’Addario for all her help and whose passion and love of photography made the workshop a unique and fun experience… 

Lastly to all the students who really excelled themselves this year, Havana life pulls you in and throws you in every direction and all the students managed to focus and produce solid work.

Congratulations everyone and thanks for a great workshop, look forward to seeing you all at the next one..


Below are a selection of my favourite images from the participating students... I'd also like to congratulate Nadia Janis and Susan Papazian who will be exhibiting their work from Cuba as a part of the upcoming Head On Festival

Nadia's exhibition Marisleidis & Jenni will open at Projects 107 in Redfern on May 30, 2013 whilst

Susan's Exhibition Calle Habana will be showing at Ginkgo Artspace in Glebe from June 14, 2013

The 2012 Havana, Cuba workshop students were... Cim SearsBronwen Woodward, Brenda-MaeNadia JanisRosalie NilsonMeg HewittSusan Papazian, Kevin Cooper and Matt Dole... I will be posting a short multimedia with more of the students work as a lead up in the weeks to come.

Nadia Janis

Meg Hewitt

Matt Doyle


Susan Papazian

Rosalie Nilson

Cim Sears

Brenda Mae