Artist's Books: Books by Artists- at the Boston Athenaeum October 12, 2011 until March 3, 2012 with the Work of Stephen Dupont

The Boston Athenauem is one of the most distinguised and oldest independent libraries and cultural establishments in The States, and the institution plays host to a number of the most successful and innotive artist's books being produced today.

Its collection, including Stephen Dupont's Axe Me Biggie Concertina Book  will be on display in an exhibition at the Athenauem in Boston from October 12 2011 until March 3 2012.

The exhibition includes work by artists such as Russell Maret, Laura Davidson, Ryoko Adachi, Stephen Dupont, Harriet Bart, Xu Bing, Iliazd, and around another two dozen works of which some have not been previously exhibited.

More information about the Boston Athenauem and exhibitions can be read here.

Stephen Dupont's Axe Me Biggie Concertina Book, photo courtesy of the Boston Athenaeum Online resources.