Reframe Newcastle Project and Masterclass with Stephen Dupont- October 12 to October 11

Rollingball Productions and Newcastle City Council are heading a project to reframe Newcastle and present it to the public in a different light; defining the hidden aspects of the city and highlighting its character.

An innovative project that whilst producing new imagery of the city, nutures the arts and formation of documentary photography through a seven day intensive masterclass run by Stephen Dupont who was commisioned to lead the project.

In these seven days Stephen is working with eight young emerging local photographers, who were selected from fifty applicants, to aid their formation and editing, aiming to produce redefining images of the city.

If you're in Newcastle this month the evolving body of work will be on show at The Roost Creative Gallery at 593 Hunter Street, from 6pm this Monday October 10 and again from 11am to 4pm on October 15 and 16.

The following are selected images from the personal portfolios of three of the selected photographers working on the project.


Simone Darcy


Hannah Robinson

Conor Ashleigh