Stephen Dupont at The National Museum of the Marine Corps- April 4 2012 to April 3 2013

Stephen Dupont at the NMMC
"Weapons Platoon: A Marine's Life in Afghanistan," by Stephen Dupont opens at the National Museum of the Marine Corps on April 4, 2012. This series of thirty- five photographs is a portrait of a Marine Platoon that Dupont was embedded with in the Spring of 2009.
I Chose to take a simple and intimate path in this project and simply asked all the Marines in the platoon to write their answers to the question 'Why are you a Marine?' in a small journal I kept while I was embedded with them. While in the field I took the Polaroids of each Marine and gave them the positive as a reciprocal gesture for their participation and honesty and later back in Sydney printed from the negative."
The Exhibition will be on display for one year. Dupont will be giving a presentation at the museum on April 4, 2012, by RSVP only. Contact Felice Tebbe at Booklyn for more information.

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From the series 'Weapons Platoon: A Marine's Life in Afghanistan' by Stephen Dupont