'Photography as Activism' - 'Images For Social Change' by Michelle Bogre

Michelle Bogres, doucmentary photographer, writer and copyright lawer's book 'Photography as Activism"  published in 2011 urges emerging photographers and long time users of the medium to use their work to expose issues and motivate change. 

She stresses that photographic images are some of the most influential tools of our time to evoke and create social and evironmental awareness and change.

An appropriate example would be of one of the technical fathers of photography Ansel Adams, whose photos of the American west were inspired by his desire to protect and gain protection for these areas.

The book provides its interested readers with a relative theory and history of the mediums role in social activism and provides discussions with some of the worlds most important contemporary photographers.

It calls to inspire individuals using this medium to use their art to create a better world at the same time creating awareness of where exactly we are in relation to it.

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'Photography as Activism (Images for Social Change)'

Michelle Bogres

Editor: Focal Press

Published: October 2011