TAKE Magazine Issue 2 - April 2012

TAKE Magazine's second issue is hot off the press and being issued to pre-ordered subscribers in the following days; being available in stores by the next couple of weeks. 

The guys at TAKE have produced once again an outstanding publication, this time the cover photograph (work by Cedric Arnold) graces a hardcover edition which makes you really appreciate having a printed periodical in your hands in an age of increasingly aumented online publications.

TAKE Magazine is brought to you by EMPTY Magazine and Design is Kinky; featuring the work of Cedric Arnold, Ben Evans, Brian Cassey, Dana Goldstein, Dario Cestaro, David Collier, David Maurice Smith, Monstruo, Elizabeth Hosking, Ella Mitchell, George Voulgaropoulos, Ian Flanders, Jackson Eaton, Jon Reid, Jonathan Clifford, Josh Baker, Juan Luis Garcia, Katrin Koenning, Krystle Wright, Luke Shadbolt, Prudence Stent, Rod Owen, Sarah Rhodes, Stef Mitchell, Andy Hatton and Marc Stringa.

Copies can be ordered online at the TAKE Magazine website.

cover photo, Cedric Arnold