Time Machine Magazine Issue 5 with Stephen Dupont

"A time machine is a camera, or a method of discovery, or a way of travelling, or a fiction, or an idea..." This is the way in which the online periodical Time Machine begins to describe its concept and it fits.

The Magazine aims to publish contemporary photographic works from within Australia and worldwide striving to highlight new work and projects; examing and contrasting new Australian imagery with works produced from differing cultures and socities internationally.

Issue 5 of the publication features new work from Stephen Dupont The Rituals of Death in this work Dupont looks inside the traditional Nepalese Hindu rituals and cycle of death at Kathmandu’s Holiest shrine for cremation, Pasupatinath.

Pasupati is the second holiest place for Hindu’s to be cremated outside of Varanasi in India.

The works will also be on display in an upcoming exhibition in accordance with the HEAD ON Photo Festival at the TAFE Sydney Institute of Photography from May 7.

The Rituals of Death can be viewed here.

Issue 5 also includes two indepth discussions with Stephen Dupont and Rebecca Norris Webb. Stephen's interview can be viewed here.

TIMEMACHINE is an online photography project edited by Lee Grant with editorial contributions from Tom Williams and Sarah Rhodes based in Australia.


photo by, Stephen Dupont from The Rituals of Death