From the Archive - Paris '97 Stephen Dupont

Grappling with Stephen's extensive archive throughout this year gave us the idea to dig into the vault and highlight some of his past work that is not currently featured on his site and has been hidden away for some time.

The first collection of photos we've extracted and selected are from the Parisian runways in 1997.

Steve at the time was commissioned by 'Le Monde' newspaper in Paris to document the collections everyday for the paper and was given unlimited access to cover the shows in his own style of Reportage.

What surfaced from within were elements of a Lisette Model or Dorothy Arbus world. Freaks, model androids, fashionistas at their best. The weird eccentricities and superficialities of the fashion world come to show in Dupont's shots.

Steve has mentioned it was one of the most stressful assignments he'd ever done at the time.

"The experience was quite unpleasant at times, facing the daily grind dealing with arseholes basically, so much pretension and egos flying around. At the same time I was challenged and loved the moments constantly gracing my viewfinder... It was a total freak show actually...  I was possessed as well by the unbelievable sexuality and beauty everywhere, the supermodels who are like beautiful and flawless androids. The weeks I spent shooting were crazy, working days and nights and parties, lots and lots of parties..." 


Paris '97 by Stephen Dupont,

slide by Anna Maria Antoinette D'Addario