Laos, Luang Prabang Workshop with Stephen Dupont and Jack Picone

The 2012 Laos, workshop with Stephen Dupont and Jack Picone has come to an end. The course began July 9 and ran until July 14 in the picturesque city of Luang Prabang.

Next dates for the following workshop are November 25 to 30 in Havana Cuba.

La Habana is the capital city of Cuba and its romantic atmosphere and infectious energy are legendry.

The city lies on the northern coast of Cuba, south of the Florida Keys, where the Gulf of Mexico joins the Caribbean Sea. The low hills on which the city lies rise gently from the deep blue waters of the straits and like much of Cuba; the city enjoys a pleasant year-round tropical climate. Due to Havana’s more than five hundred year existence, the city boasts some of the most diverse styles of architecture in the world. From Spanish colonial castles built in the late 16th century to modernist present-day high-rises, Havana is a documentary photographer’s dream.

A melting pot of cultural stimulus this is a time of transition for the country, take the opportunity to be mentored in your pursuit of narrative, places are being filled quickly. 

Soak up the post- revolutionary atmosphere by following in the footsteps of Hemingway, Greene, Castro and Guevara...

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The Jack Picone and Stephen Dupont Documentary Photography Workshops are proudly sponsored by Fujifilm Australia